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          Welcome to the website of Shaanxi Rock New Materials Co. Ltd.!

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          About Us
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               Shaanxi Rock New Materials Co., Ltd. was found in March of 2000, located on the ancient land of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. From the beginning, Shaanxi Rock has been successfully keeping the domestic leading roles in the precious metal catalysts (PMC) industry which contain the heterogeneous catalysts as well as homogeneous catalysts. We are proud of excellent stability and activity of our products approved by more than 900 customers in China. And Shaanxi Rock went to public in the year of 2014 which we are very proud of.
          Based on our own catalysts resource, we also provide Hydrogenation Service for our customers. In a word, please trust us that you could find complete PMC services in Shaanxi Rock.
            ●Stock Code: 430428
            ●12 national patents
            ●PME production base of 33000m2 area
            ●Passed through 1S09001
            ●PMC selection, production, recycling
            ●The only one PME producer providing Hydrogenation services in China
            ●Outstanding quality and stability based on the large production scale
            ●More than 1000 customers
            ●Sinopec supplier more than 10 years


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